Wayland Aqueduct

Wayland Aqueduct

“I go for walks and runs which is always ‘thin space’ for me away from daily worries/endless to-do lists. I capture visual images that speak to me at the moment, and I save them. Sometimes images speak to me after the fact when I go back and look at them.

“This picture was taken at the Wayland aqueduct in Wayland, MA. I took a winter walk with my husband. We were grateful for the footbridge over the icy brook, and we were inspired by the love of an elderly couple also talking a walk on this winter morning. They helped each other go over that bridge. God is that bridge over the ice. God is also the love between couples.

“This day we also saw a hawk. God is also the hawk watching us with a keen eye.”

Submitted by Rose Narciso.

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