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  1. Thank you for such magnificent pictures reflecting God`s Glory.
    They are a poem in pictures, and remind me of a poet (British, but I don`t remember his name), who saw the sun as a Consecrated Host and, the day, as a priest:
    taking out the Host from the Tabernacle of the Orient, raising It and blessing the world as It passes over it,, to finally place It in the Monstrance of the West.

    • Tina, thank you for the beautiful words you recall, so appropriate to accompany the photographs. Crossing the Sea of Galilee on a “Jesus Boat” – you can read more about this by “Googling” the term – and walking on its shore near the place where Jesus appeared to the disciples after His resurrection and prepared breakfast for them (John 21:4-14), I thought, despite the speedboats and tourists and hotels and businesses sprung up on its shores, this is the same Sea of Galilee and the same waters where the Lord walked and prayed and spoke to the people. Much has changed in the course of 2000 years yet nothing has changed. I had to take photographs and got up early to walk to the shore and wait for the sunrise. The pictures were taken from the promenade at Tiberias, where we had boarded the Jesus Boat to sail north to Capernaum.

      • Many thanks for the very interesting tip on the “Jesus Boat”, Cecilia.Hope to see more of your “silent hymn of praise” pictures.

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