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“Blow among us Spirit of God. Fill us with your courage and care as we learn to live as a family without Emily. It’s been four years since Niemann-Pick Type C took over Emily’s body by the age of 10. Pentecost Spirit and Body of Christ live in us as we each grieve in different ways over the years. Thank you, God, we also see you in nature, as we felt comfortable in the familiar vacation spot of Rocky Mountain National Park. God we know you are present even in our empty hearts, our broken hearts, our sorrow and our grief.”

Submitted by Cindy Eultgen.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your grief, your faith and your strength to move forward. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that even on your emptiest days, your precious Emily is still with you, just not the way you want her to be with you. I pray you can remember good times and feel her presence and God’s hand on your shoulder.

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