Sunset and a Reflection on Photography

sunset behind trees

“A few years back, someone once asked me an unlikely question: ‘Does your faith affect your photography?’

After some reflection, I answered, ‘I don’t think any photographer can peer into the viewfinder, capture the grandeur of the sunset or the exhilaration and drama of human emotions without realizing that a master Artist is behind all these.’

I am humbled as I stare in awe at His gallery of masterpiece. I can never call myself a photographer and not see ‘God in all things.’ I can only pray that every time I release the shutter, may my humble work be a fitting tribute to the Master Photographer.”

Submitted by Jay.

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11 Comments on Sunset and a Reflection on Photography

  1. Well said, Jay! How good our God is to share the beauty of creation with each of us day in and day out. May we continue to seek, find and capture glimpses of God’s goodness in that which we might consider “the common, ordinary and even unspectacular flow of everyday life.”

  2. It certainly is a gift of grace to see photography as a form of prayer, to look upon God’s Creation with awe.
    It is an integral part of part of All Faiths, really. A friend of mine is a devout Muslim and his Faith connection to God’s gift of Creation is startlingly similar to this presentation.
    Please take a look:

  3. whenever i saw sunset…it always reminding me that God always giving us a chance to do what is right because after the sunset there will be a sunrise….another day to live again…

  4. Thank you for featuring my photo and thank you everyone for the comments. May everything we do mirror God’s masterpiece. Happy New Year.

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