Outside of Church

outside Vietnamese church

“My mates were ordained. They’re from Vietnam and after their Thanksgiving Mass, one invited me to attend the other ceremony they were having in Vietnamese, with the Vietnamese congregation. I was hesitant, barely knowing anyone else except them, but I went along anyway. When I got to the church, it was spilling out. People were sitting/standing outside as the sun went down. The entire Mass was in Vietnamese, but it really stuck out for me that in every language, ‘Amen’ is the same.”

Submitted by Gigi Anderson.

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  1. This story resonates with me, thank you for sharing. When I immigrated to North America 26 years ago, I started to attend mass to the closest parish – but found myself very disconnected from the spiritual experience that I had back home. It was due to the language barrier and the new and unfamiliar environment. After a few months, I started to realize that God had no language!! But the human language!! It is funny to think about it now. As you said: ” in every language “Amen is the same”. I would add in every language God is also the same>

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