“The sighting of the heron was unexpected. It was already twilight and I was walking up from the area being reclaimed as wetlands at Manresa (Bloomington Hills, MN). I glanced to the side and saw the ‘bulge’ extending out from the blackened stump. After I crossed the bridge over the small river, I walked over to where I could see the stump directly. When I caught the eye, I realized it was the blue heron I had been told about. As the bird rose and flew down the river, I was able to follow him for about two hundred feet.

“I find that God surprises me constantly, often in the liminal spaces (the twilight), and then leads me on before disappearing from my view so as to invite me to venture further in faith.”

Submitted by Margaret Lois Jansen.

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  1. Thanks, Margaret. Great picture, and I appreciated your background information. “God Surprises me constantly” – a nice way to summarize something so special

  2. Lois
    What a lovely picture. And what a complex, life renewal along with death and beauty.
    You always seem to capture it all in a simple picture.

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