Hedgehog Sighting


“While in the middle of humidity and cloudy weather, Adrien exclaimed that there was a black cat around as usual which I didn’t mind. But when he shouted ‘Maman! maman! Le herisson! Le herisson! [hedgehog]’ I was so excited and wanted to take photos since I’ve never seen this kind of small animal in my life during the day….

“So immediately I looked at it and grabbed our big and heavy camera and changed the objective lenses, avoiding the shaking hands while taking and focusing on him.

“The kids would love to see it not from inside behind our glass kitchen door, but they would love to see it while they are outside. I didn’t want that they disturb the ‘herisson’ because they are typically shy and aloof to anyone, so I told to them to be quiet while watching him.

“Since Adrien was eager, he immediately went upstairs to ask his father (Lionel was quiet beside me). His father gave him some information and permitted them to go outside. So I agreed.

“What was funny, when I silently opened the door (The big camera was in my hands and we were slowly and quietly approaching him.), he didn’t move at all, [staying] with his lips on the ground and wide eyes opened for some minutes. Then I told to the kids to be more calm.

“The kids stopped, the ‘herisson’ immediately walked fast as afraid and peacefully found his way while the kids were a little bit disappointed and watched him crossing fast to our neighbor’s garden, forgetting his intentions of chasing small grains and fruits in our garden.

“And now, because of the kids, because of their being observant, I saw it with my wide opened eyes! Merci les enfants!

“C’est vrai le herisson est trop mignon!”

Submitted by Lilybeth Bensurto.

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