Morning Majesty


“God blesses me in the morning when He shares His amazing artwork with me while I am out walking and praying the Rosary. These two vastly different photos speak to me of His awesome majesty and power and His quiet voice. When I took the photo over the water I was not aware of the bird in the frame. It was only after I got home and reviewed the images on my computer that I saw the bird. It became an inspiration for me to create a ‘photo devotional’ that I am in the process of building to share the art that God shares with me.”

bird flying over water

Submitted by Dominic Russo.

3 Comments on Morning Majesty

  1. Very beautiful title and exquisitly beautiful pictures! The golden globe looks quite ethereal, almost as though were I to walk into it, I would come face to Face with Him. Thank you for sharing your blessed experience, too.

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