Dog on Church Grounds


“This is at our church. They are kind enough that they let me go and pray with my companion in the chapel. St. Mark in Birmingham, AL.”

Submitted by Vilmarie Rdz.

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  1. Thank you so very much for selecting my picture on Picturing God; Im honored and humbled. This is my companion Adena Mia, she has been with me since she was 6 weeks old, thru many trials and tribulations, she has shown me to enjoy the world thru her eyes, to let go and let God.
    We have been visiting churches for about 7 yrs , we sit together, we pray together. This picture in particular is very special to me, that day she had a lot of fun, finding stickes around the grounds, see, we have been fighting together her aging she has troble with one of her legs and hips, the prognosis is not good, i dont know how long of a time i have with her here on earth but, one thing i know for sure, every week, we will still go to church, to the chapel, we will laugh, pray, share love and get sticks!
    Please keep us in your prayers and thank you, for putting a smile on my face today, this is certainly a wonderful christmas gift i was not expecting

  2. How beautiful. My dog used to come to church too but was not very accepted and we had to lock him up from many hours ahead so he would not follow us to church. He always seemed to know when it was time to ‘go to church’ so we did not even mention it round the house !
    God bless you and Adena

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