Stained Glass Window

stained glass window

“After suffering at the tongue of another, I had to leave the premises in some anger and upset, but something caught my eye: the glimmer of sunlight traveling through the church and illuminating the stained glass window from inside. I had never seen that before, but what the illumination was of—Christ’s feet on the cross—reminded me that I should not walk out upset and in anger but in compassion and love. This has remained with me throughout the weekend.”

Submitted by Tracey Wiffen.

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  1. The last two months have been difficult. I read Mother Theresia used to pray Maria each day at such moments. I started doing the same and I will go on as She never lets you down, day after day. Just a cry for help but she is at your side. Unbelievable but TRUE.

  2. Our merciful Lord frees us of our anger and restores us to be loving, caring people. If we all had the good sense to allow Him to do that, this would be a wonderful world. Thanks for sharing this.

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