House Sparrow

sparrow sitting on man's shoulder

“I find the Lord in my prayers, and have discovered Examen prayer as a blessing. When I am watching God’s creatures in my yard, and can harmonize with this old house sparrow, I give thanks to the Lord and am lifted in my spiritual outlook at the wonders God has made. I wish peace among men was as easy as uniting for a moment with a wild creature of nature.”

sparrow and Francis of Assisi statue

Submitted by Paul Phelan, CFP.

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  1. This is a thought-provoking sentiment. Because I think it is. When you think about what it takes to ‘unite with a wild creature of nature’: stillness, respect, patience, a calm spirit, joy in the communion, appreciation of all kinds of beauty…
    …And some kinds of nature are easier to unite with than others…


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