stones and candles in church

“At church this evening we had the opportunity to pick a stone from a basket and hold it as we prayed. The stone I chose was heavy, and I felt like my heart was heavy as I prayed. I also thought about what the stone would look like if I broke it open and imagined it might sparkle or there may be swirling colors. I thought about how God knows the things about me that I do not and that God is holding the heaviness of my prayer just as I held the stone in my hands.”

Submitted by Rebekah Savage.

Today is Ash Wednesday. Enter into the Lenten season with Ignatian resources for Lent.

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  1. I am a Lutheran, my beliefs are a lot like yours. I just wanted to share something about the stone aspect. A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I went to a Spiritual retreat, which we have been going since 2010, we as a group got to pick out a “rock from a garden bucket. Mine was the color of “EBONY and IVORY, toward the end of the retreat, we were asked to place the rocks in a red velvet box, if we chose to. We were later told , that the rocks placed in this velvet box, would be made into a “ROCK GARDEN”, which I thought was very moving, the same as a “seed planted”, it shall continue to grow with strength, courage, and spirit of the wonderful memoirs we took “home from this Retreat, as we left at sunset time, in the horizon was a “beautiful sky that was red, pink and green trees, almost like an answer to a prayer, LIVE LIFE TO THE “FULLEST” SURRENDER to your needs and wants, and relinquish your ideals and “LET GO”, you “OUR LOVED”………….

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