Rhododendron seen in County Kerry, Ireland.

“I was out for an early morning walk and came across the most amazing rhododendron bush. I took this picture to remind me of the beauty of the moment and to help me recall just how close I felt to God.”

Submitted by Paul Brian Campbell, SJ. Join Paul at his blog, People for Others.

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    • Tricia, thanks for the floral information. Whatever the flower, it’s a lovely moment when nature brings us closer to God.

  1. Thanktou so much for the picture of the rhododendron. It reminds me of a poem I once read. I think the poet was Irish. He wrote:
    ” I see His Face in every flower,
    His Blood on every red rose…..”,
    I wish, I wish so hard I knew the rest of the poem.

  2. A lovely photo. I love walking in the woods especially because of those amazing moments! Good thing you had a Camera with you!

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