“I was with a group of photographers in a lavender field. While everyone was taking pictures of the bees, I noticed a more intriguing, more elusive target. I patiently followed him around, waiting for him to allow me the privilege of taking his picture. It reminded me of how we must really take time to notice what is going on around us, and then not dismiss it offhand but engage it, never forcefully, allowing God to move at his own pace.”

Submitted by Kristen Moss.

Where do you see God in what is going on around you? Show us! Or leave a comment.

3 Comments on Dragonfly

  1. I think I was very fortunate to get that photo of the monarch on the dahlia- it was one of those lovely surprises. I was enjoying some quiet time outside in the park after a swim, but not too long, as it was very hot and humid outside. And in the midst of that I felt so very lucky to capture that moment of true beauty.

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