Montana Scene

Montana lake

“This is in Montana! Just me, my son, and God!”

Submitted by Mark.

Have you wanted to contribute to Picturing God, but think I’m not much of a photographer?

That’s ok! If you’re more into words, try exploring the places God can be found with the community at Other6. Or leave a comment here at Picturing God: Faces and Traces of the Divine.

2 Comments on Montana Scene

  1. Thanks so much for this photo.
    I am now in NY and when people have looked at my beautiful Montana photos, they have commented, “but there’s nothing there.”
    If only they knew what was really there

  2. Roberta and Mark,

    I’ve not been fortunate to visit Montana, but it looks beautiful. And I think one of its attractions is the sense of “nothing there,” leaving plenty of room for open spaces and reflections.

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