Rose Bloom

rose blooming

“Where have I found God today?

“Under a leaf, a flower petal
In a blade of grass, in a raindrop
Looking at the moon and stars on a clear night
All parts of nature
In your spouse’s loving embrace
In the phone call from your children
In caring for others
In holding a dying one’s hand as they take their last breath
Where are you able to find God?
Lord, help me to find you in all ways and walks of life and in everywhere I go.

“My dad gave me a couple of small pieces of his rosebush about five or six years ago. They were brown, ugly, thorny things. He said, ‘Just put ’em in the ground; they’ll grow and bloom next year.’ He put them in an old five-gallon bucket of dirt and loaded it into the back of my car. The brown twigs rested for three weeks on the edge of the walkway in front of our steps. I agonized over the best place to plant them. I finally (when I thought they were going to die) decided to put them out front under my daughter’s bedroom window. So there they were: brown, ugly, thorny things. Year after year they would come back in the spring, but never bloom, never, ever, ever—until tonight, when my husband and I went for our evening walk. He called, ‘Christine, come here. God has answered your prayer.’ And he pointed to the new rose bloom and a forming rosebud.

“Where have I found God today? You tell me.”

Submitted by Christine Anzalone‎.

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