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  1. I live close by in Kennebunk. Cape Porpoise is pretty close to being my favorite place in Maine. I’m from New Jersey and Cape Porpoise is to me the place someone from New Jersey should be brought to so they can experience why Maine is so special. Your photograph however is not what I would select as a travel advertisement. Maybe its my current mood or maybe it is what you intended but the photograph exudes the desolation and loneliness of winter and it is this spiritual winter that has brought me to seek a relationship with God. Its why I am a subscriber to Ignatian Spirituality. The items they share can be helpful in my search. Thank you for sharing your photograph. My prayer is that all those bushes surrounding the cabin will some day bloom and the frosty desolation portrayed in your photograph will end. Warmth and happiness will be bestowed upon us. Our prayers will be answered. This is the hope which is a by product of my faith. Thanks again.

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