Christchurch, New Zealand

Anglican Cathedral in Christchurch, New Zealand, January, 2011, before the earthquake in February, 2011

“This is a photo, taken in January, of the Anglican Cathedral in Christchurch, New Zealand. This spire, as well as part of the cathedral, collapsed in last week’s earthquake (and bodies are still trapped under the rubble.) Maybe some readers will pray for the people of Christchurch.”

Submitted by Margaret.

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  1. This is my city – my heart is breaking for it. Thank you for submitting the photo of the Cathedral where I loved to worship. But God is wandering the city and appearing in many guises offering comfort, love and kindnesses. Pray for Christchurch and all her people.

    • Jocelyn, thank you for taking the time to comment and remind us that God is in the city offering comfort. We echo your prayer for Christchurch and her people. Amen.

    • I so needed to be reminded today of how God’s Presence is walking the earth comforting those in need – what a beautiful word picture you offered me. My heart aches for the world right now – as so much is happening throughout that appears as devastation when looking at it through earthly eyes. The reminder that God’s heart is fully aware of the need of His children and that He is fully present in the hour is comforting.

  2. It is puzzling!House of God destroyed in natural calamity which means that natural law and divine law stand at oppossite ends in the eyes of a non-believer.What do we infer from this.All are subject to God’s Will.

    Let us pray for the departed souls

  3. My prayers go out for the people caught up in this tragedy. May those who mourn be comforted, and those who died rest in the peace of Christ Jesus. I pray also for the brave people who have helped in any way to ease the burden of suffering of those trapped, injured and bereaved. May God’s love and peace be with them all.
    The words of a hymn in my evening prayer for today, 4th March, seemed to me to be right for the sad situation in Christchurch:

    ‘………..Clear before us through the darkness
    Gleams and burns the guiding light:
    Brother clasps the hand of brother,
    Stepping fearless through the night.
    One, the light of God’s own presence,
    O’er His ransomed people shed,
    Chasing far the gloom and terror,
    Brightening all the path we tread:
    One, the object of our journey,
    One, the faith which never tires,
    One, the earnest looking forward,
    One, the hope our God inspires.’

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