Farewell Picturing God


Since 2010, Picturing God: Faces and Traces of the Divine has shared your photographs that answer the question, “Where did you find God today?” We thank you for your support over the years, but now we’re retiring this site so that we can focus on other efforts within our online ministry.

New technology and tools since our founding have made the sharing of photos easier on multiple social media channels, and we encourage you to continue exploring where you encounter God in the everyday through visual means. Join the community on the Ignatian Spirituality Facebook page to continue exploring ways to find God in all things. Look for the weekly “Where did you find God this weekend?” posts there, or share your photos at any time on our Facebook page or tag @loyolapress on Twitter or Instagram.

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2 Comments on Farewell Picturing God

  1. Enjoyed the photos and the challenging question. We need to be aware of where we find God every day.
    Thank you and God bless and inspire future projects.

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