Peaceable Kingdom Pets

“I will refrain from sending lots of pet pictures, but this one always makes me think of the Peaceable Kingdom, and how in God’s presence we can find community and peace.”

Submitted by Vinita Hampton Wright.

3 Comments on Peaceable Kingdom Pets

  1. I`m keen to find out, whether Father God has the room in His Heavenly Gardens for our pets and all the animals. In fact, they were created innoscent, and keep remaining as this.They are not sinners, none of them,even crocodiles!Not a single priest never replied to me YES or NO.But I have inside my heart an unflexible intuitive vision of those Gardens full of them playing together, as it is described in Psalmus.

  2. So very true, Vinita, I could not have said it better. It is clear that this peaceful co-existance is not one coerced by threats of nuclear weapons and armies! God s surely is the centre of this family and why they are blessed with the gifts and fruits af the Holy Spirit like love and peace, seen here in this beautiful portrait of true peace.

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