Trees of Faith

trees of faith by Justin Casalandra Photography

“I work as a professional photographer so I really do enjoy finding God through and in the arts. I see him in people, nature, life circumstances, and graces.

I found this view while hiking through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio. A fallen tree in the background completes this image of a stairway to the cross. The cross is one representation to me of perhaps God’s greatest gift to mankind, Jesus Christ. I’ve titled this ‘Trees of Faith.’”

Submitted by Justin Casalandra Photography.

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3 Comments on Trees of Faith

  1. That is a beautiful photo! These images we find are God’s gift to us, and lift us up! Thank you for this image.

    • I join you in thanks to Justin for this particular image, and I thank all of our wonderful contributors for making this photo blog what it is! These images are indeed gifts from God.

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