4 Comments on Sunrise with a Yellow Stripe

  1. Those colors remind me of the gorgeous sunset we had here today. 🙂 My Dad was frustrated that his camera could not capture the sight. I said, “You can’t capture God.” My brother said, “But God captures you!” :))

  2. Thank you for posting this photo and for directing people to the immersiveprayer.org site. There has been over 100 visitors since then. I can only humbly hope that others find resonance with the Christian inspired poems and meditations on the site. Peace, Jerry

  3. So very deeply touching. So full of beauty, simplicity and promise of unity: heaven and earth shall be one.I wonder, if we are so filled to almost bursting point, at seeing the reflection Of God in nature, through only seven colours of the rainbow, what will the effect be if we could see through more of the colours that surely must exixt in the spectrum of light?

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