View from Mother’s Window

May 19, 2011

in Nature

snow-covered tree outside mother's window

February 8, 2011, The Day my Mother Passed Away

“I truly felt the magnificent presence of God in the day my mother passed away at age 93. This photo captures the beauty of God’s presence in nature. It was the view from my mother’s nursing home window and taken that day. What also struck me were the many animals that suddenly appeared around noontime. There was a woodpecker, a flock of birds that fluttered outside her window, and squirrels scurrying about, one of whose footprints can be seen in the snow leading up to the tree. It was as if St. Francis of Assisi, her favorite saint, was speaking to her and letting us know that she would be okay. She is sorely missed and remembered every day. Her passing was one of the most spiritually moving moments of my life.”

Submitted by Rosemary.

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