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About Picturing God

Where do you find God in the world around you? Do you encounter God in nature, in the people around you, in a church, in the beauty of the arts, the disciplines of science, or the mundane moments of daily life? All of these are places where we can experience God’s presence and grace. This photo blog seeks to use the visual to help us find God in all things.

Each day, we’ll share a picture that evokes the presence of the divine. Picturing God is informed by Ignatian spirituality, but we welcome seekers from all walks of life to explore the inspiring and sometimes surprising ways of encountering God in the everyday.

How to Contribute

We invite you to share your photographs or artwork. Show us with your camera where you see the faces and traces of the divine. Please also submit a caption with your photo to help others understand why you found the image a way to God. For some inspiration, you might answer the questions Where did you find God today? or Where do you need to find God today?

Submission Options

  1. Upload photos to our Facebook album.
  2. E-mail us a link to your picture on a photo-sharing site.
  3. E-mail the .jpg photo to pictures@ignatianspirituality.com.

When e-mailing, please advise how you wish to be credited (first name only, full name, etc.). Facebook submissions will be credited to your full name as posted on Facebook.

Legal Details
By submitting your image in any of these ways, you grant Loyola Press the right to use it. You also agree that you are the owner of the image and have the permission of any people in the photo to share it with us. See the full legal details. If you do not agree with any of the terms, do not submit a picture for consideration.

Loyola Press reserves the right to edit captions. We may not use all submissions but thank all for sharing your images.

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