March 23, 2017

“My usually grumpy cat was cuddling today. God knew I needed a hug.” Submitted by Marilyn Blazek Welker.


February 13, 2017

“My dog brings me such peace. He was abused and is crippled and yet has the most loving heart.” Submitted by Barbara Vasconcellos.


February 9, 2017

“I found God through the illness of my dog this weekend. She woke up being unable to use her left leg. The kindnesses of people who said, ‘Bring her along to dinner,’ when they don’t […]


February 3, 2017

“Outside enjoying nature with my dogs.” Submitted by Sue Baird.


January 31, 2017

“Baby alpaca born Saturday morning in Santiago, Chile.” Submitted by Maria Fuentes.


January 18, 2017

“Watching the pelicans while getting some relaxing time by the water. God is so good, all the time!” Submitted by Kathy Rosemary Carr.


January 16, 2017

“I picture God as I watch the garden snail coming out of its shell and moving slowly at its own pace after the morning shower. It reminds me that God is slow at work, and […]


January 10, 2017

“In this happy pup; we had such an amazing, fun time at the park this morning, chasing squirrels and rolling in the grass, while feeling in our faces the crisp, cold air of a fall […]


December 20, 2016

“Strolling around Galway, [this] donkey reminded me of Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem.” Submitted by Anne Tymon O’Leary.


December 13, 2016

“In a little crab making its way over the pebbles and shells.” Submitted by Colleen Koning.

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