October 24, 2016

“In the eyes of my beagle.” Submitted by Bernadette Fortuna.


October 18, 2016

“At the park, watching the geese.” Submitted by Alex Meidunas.


October 17, 2016

“In the first monarch butterfly to migrate through my backyard this fall.” Submitted by Susie Andrews. Where are you finding God this autumn? Send us a photo for possible inclusion on Picturing God.


October 13, 2016

“With this little lady and in her affectionate ways.” Submitted by Anna Lou.


October 6, 2016

“In the majesty of a lone blue heron.” Submitted by Carol Judge.

Praying Mantis

October 4, 2016

“I saw God’s creativity and sense of humor in this beautiful creature who patiently posed for pictures!” Submitted by Kathy Hansen.


September 26, 2016

“While running in the park, I met this new friend. She wasn’t afraid. We just stood there staring at each other for a few minutes.” Submitted by Jeanette Marin‎.


September 14, 2016

“I found God in this gorgeous butterfly on my walk through the campground after we arrived today.” Submitted by Pat Vandecapelle.

Girl with Cat

September 6, 2016

“Going for an evening walk with my daughter and her friend.” Submitted by Joanie Twomey-Shook.


August 24, 2016

“Kangaroos grazing.” Submitted by Evelyn Garaicoa.

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