June 13, 2016

“My youngest son’s high school graduation. It was a wonderful weekend celebrating the accomplishments of these marvelous young people.” Submitted by Monica Quigley Doyle.


April 18, 2016

“Right here in this sweet face. A miracle.” Submitted by Jihan Machuca.


March 15, 2016

“Beautiful Xavier.” Submitted by Jan Wheelock.

Walk in Matera

March 4, 2016

“Here in Matera where the most beautiful film on Jesus Christ was shot by Pasolini in 1964.” Submitted by Vincent Geenen.


February 17, 2016

“Looking at my grandchildren growing fine and so blessed!” Submitted by Maria Del Carmen Gumucio.

Woman Praying

February 3, 2016

“At Mass.” Submitted by Richard Milligan. Lent starts next week. See our selection of online prayer resources, including Lenten Moments of Mercy.

People Praying

February 2, 2016

“About 100 people in a small country church in El Prado de la Cruz, gathered for a morning of prayer, in one of the poorest sectors of the parish of Dulce Nombre de María, Copán, […]


January 21, 2016

“With my lovely friends journeying with Jesus the Ignatian way.” Submitted by Anita Lopez.

Cold-Weather Faces

January 18, 2016

“In the face of my running buddy.” Submitted by Jo-Anne Yuskin. Where are you finding God in the cold weather?

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