Prayer Corner

August 13, 2015

in Home

prayer corner

“In my new prayer corner.”

Submitted by Mary Adrienne.

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Berries and Grapes

August 12, 2015

in Nature


“In the abundance of food from our lands.”

Submitted by Jenny-Rebecca Schmitt.

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August 11, 2015

in Nature,Places

beach in NJ

“Spring Lake, NJ.”

Submitted by Cathy Vannozzi.

Where have you found God in your state? Send us a photo for possible inclusion on Picturing God.


Daughter and Dog

August 10, 2015

in Animals,People


“I feel the Lord’s presence in how my daughter loves and cares for our beloved German Shepherd, Ali. She helps prepare Ali’s food and makes sure she is comfortable, even with summer’s stifling heat here in the Philippines.”

Submitted by Amy Muga‎.


Thailand Beach

August 7, 2015

in Places

Thailand beach

“When there isn’t much light and isn’t darkness, under His shadow to rest and cherish His mercy, preparing for the light—at Pattaya Beach, Thailand.”

Submitted by Benedict Jaiwanth‎.

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August 6, 2015

in Nature,Places

San Gabriel Mountains

“He often gives me that ‘You-hoo! Here I am’ moment while driving. I saw God just yesterday morning on my way to sing for Mass. The San Gabriel Mountains made me think of Mt. Tabor. It brought me exactly where I needed to be on this glorious Transfiguration Sunday. Dear God: I see you!”

Submitted by Rosemary Circo‎.


St. Pancratius Chapel

August 5, 2015

in Religious

nuns outside chapel

“I found God in the quiet solitude of St. Pancratius Chapel. The silence and the stillness were like the two nuns about to spend time in quiet adoration.”

Submitted by Edith Magtibay Garde‎.



August 4, 2015

in Nature


“I find God in all of the little surprises in creation: the wonderful patterns in the water, the flitting of a butterfly or hummingbird, the drops of rain on the leaves after a rain.”

Submitted by Marilynn Uhart‎.

Where do you find God in the surprises?


Beach Storm

August 3, 2015

in Nature

beach storm

“At the edge of the storm at the beach.”

Submitted by Debbie Ennis.


Barcelona and St. Ignatius

“Last Thursday, a break in Barcelona, walked pass the house where Ignatius lodged while he was in Barcelona by [my] wrong turn. I meant to go to Santa Maria Church; a cake shop owner locked her shop and directed me to the church; she only spoke Spanish. I saw the image of God in her.”

Submitted by Anita Wong.

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Ignatius Loyola. Thank you for joining in #31DayswithIgnatius and #FindIggy.

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