Sunrise on Retreat

October 7, 2014

in Nature,Places

sunrise in Gloucester, MA

“Dawn and sunrise at Eastern Point [Retreat House], Gloucester, MA. Sunrise at the ocean’s edge in Gloucester reminded me of God’s faithfulness and presence every day. The waves were joyful!”

Submitted by Rose Narciso.

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October 6, 2014

in Nature


“The bluebonnets are from a scene in Texas.”

Submitted by Julett Broadnax.


San Damiano, Assisi

October 3, 2014

in Places

San Damiano - Assisi

“Outside of San Damiano, Assisi, Italy…worth sharing how amazing our God is!”

Submitted by Marlene Alvarez.



October 2, 2014

in Nature

trees near church

“Leaving the parking lot at St. Thomas, reflecting on the gentleman with the developmental disability that insisted on holding my hand during Mass—very sweet.”

Submitted by Roger Gilbraith.


Red Berries

October 1, 2014

in Nature

red berries

“In the beauty of these red berries that remind me of changing seasons and that God is with me as I grow and change.”

Submitted by Rebekah Savage.

Where do you find God in the changing seasons?


Bugs in Flower

September 30, 2014

in Nature

bugs in flower

“Harmony in His created world, filling our spirit. That is where I find Him.”

Submitted by Mike Drew‎.

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September 29, 2014

in People,Religious


“I have seen many Baptism photos, but never one that quite captures the joy of everyone like this one does. The only thing that is missing from the photo is the baby’s great-grandmother—who was also right there—and she was smiling as big as everyone else.”

Submitted by Frankie Wood-Black‎.

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Birthday Celebration

September 26, 2014

in People

woman and birthday cake

“I see God in the glow of 30 birthday candles and the smile of a co-worker.”

Submitted by Mary Brower‎.

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September 25, 2014

in Nature


“Being caught off guard by how pretty the goldenrod was on the trail, because normally it flares up my allergies!”

Submitted by Georgia Rush.

Where have you found God in an unlikely place? Send us a photo for possible inclusion on Picturing God.


Women Walkers

September 24, 2014

in People

two women

“Walking in memory of husband and dad for Galway Hospice.”

Submitted by Anne Tymon O’Leary.

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