Water Skiing

August 6, 2014

in People

child water skiing

“In watching our almost seven-year-old water ski! Weather was perfect and so much fun!”

Submitted by Molly O’Gorman Billings.

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Ocean Waves

August 5, 2014

in Nature

ocean waves

“His majesty is always present in the waves and the vastness of the ocean.”

Submitted by Barbara Ann Harris.


Early Morning Gift

August 4, 2014

in Nature


“After the 7 a.m. daily Mass at our cathedral, this beautiful flower caught my eye. It was as if the Lord said, ‘Hi, I’m here too. Don’t forget to look for me today.’”

Submitted by C.H. Pak.

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August 1, 2014

in Home,Nature


“At home.”

Submitted by Beatriz Torrelles Llorens.

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retreat house chapel

“During the Mass in honor of the feast of St. Ignatius at Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center in Atlanta, the fog formed a perfect heart behind the altar at the base of the crucifix. Beautiful.”

Submitted by Kathy Powell, Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center in Atlanta, GA.

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July 30, 2014

in Animals


“A butterfly leaving its home.”

Submitted by Lorette Lavine.


Daughter in Spain

July 29, 2014

in People,Places

young woman in Spain

“This is one of my all-time personal photographs. It is a picture of my daughter in Alquézar, Spain. We were there on a trip in November, 1999. I originally took the picture in color, but it wasn’t right. I love this photo for its blend of the past, present, and future in a small town that is filled with history. It always seems to bring me peace.”

Submitted by Frankie Wood-Black‎.

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Re-Growth after Fire

July 28, 2014

in Nature

Pasadena trail

“God revealed himself to me while hiking in Pasadena with my husband and sweet dog yesterday. These precious flowers are signs of re-growth from fires. I pray I can show the beauty of God’s love in the small things done extraordinarily—like a simple trail that leads to the pretty little hellos from Him.”

Submitted by Rosemary Circo.

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July 25, 2014

in Nature,Objects


“I see God in His creation.”

Submitted by Inocencio Tilos‎.

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Land and Water

July 24, 2014

in Nature

land and water

“A tree is beautiful, but what’s more, it has a right to life; like water, the sun, and the stars, it is essential. Life on earth is inconceivable without trees. Forests create climate, climate influences people’s character, and so on and so forth. There can be neither civilization nor happiness if forests crash down under the axe, if the climate is harsh and severe, if people are also harsh and severe.”

Submitted by Ophelia Moreno Lacre.