June 7, 2017

“In the reminder to just ‘Let it be,’ from my daughter’s cat, who we are cat-sitting for.” Submitted by Anne Criscitiello.


April 6, 2017

“Curled up with my cat, feeling her warmth, calmed by her purr, it was like snuggling with an angel.” Submitted by Daniella Maria Jennifer Bove.


March 23, 2017

“My usually grumpy cat was cuddling today. God knew I needed a hug.” Submitted by Marilyn Blazek Welker.

Girl with Cat

September 6, 2016

“Going for an evening walk with my daughter and her friend.” Submitted by Joanie Twomey-Shook.

Girl and Cat

June 15, 2016

“Watching my daughter and her cat.” Submitted by Joanie Twomey-Shook.


January 27, 2016

“During early morning prayers with one of the family cats peacefully asleep in my lap.” Submitted by Dori Bolling.


October 5, 2015

“This morning as Scout gently tapped my face to rise and face the day.” Submitted by Cathy Wrenn.


September 3, 2015

“I am taking care of a cat since April, 2015, not regularly as it wandered here and there. But now my family and I are looking after a stray cat since two months ago. He […]


October 4, 2013

“I find God in my beautiful animal companions: Clare, Francis, and Mary.” Submitted by Franciscans of Mary the Theotokos. Today is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi.

Cat Sitting in Light

September 23, 2011

A recent Picturing God photo “reminded me of a picture I took of our cat a while ago. It’s true what the contributor said that we, like the nest-building birds, ‘have to be tireless and […]

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