Nativity Scene

December 29, 2014

“Being born in the manger for humanity to partake of Him.” Submitted by Frater Jethro Calacday.

Church at Christmastime

December 26, 2014

“St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Rockville, MD. Established 1813.” Submitted by Francine Worthington.

Christmas Miracle

December 25, 2014

“I find God in the innocence of children; their unknowingness of the limitations in the world is beautiful.” Submitted by Marcanthony. Merry Christmas from your friends at Picturing God!

Christmas Tree

December 24, 2014

“I find God in the holidays, when family is on the mind and in the heart.” Submitted by Sarah McFarland. You might also like: God-Potential Waiting to Be Born Finding God under the Christmas Tree […]

Nativity Scene

December 23, 2014

“I find God in my Nativity. It was a baptismal gift to me from a friend over 30 years ago. I received the Holy Family and the little shelter. Every year I bought another piece […]

Nativity Scene

December 22, 2014

“Waiting for Baby Jesus, the Light of the world, to be born.” Submitted by Ana Isabel. Enjoy these Christmas articles: Emmanuel, God with Us Holding Baby Jesus Praying with the Season’s Songs

Motorcyclists’ Toy Drive

December 10, 2014

“Over 3,000 Harley motorcycle riders bringing gifts to Children’s Hospital Colorado.” Submitted by Debbie Schuster. What are your Advent and Christmas traditions? We’d love to see your photos of finding God in December. Submit your […]

Christmas Tree

January 1, 2014

“The Christmas tree is a symbol of God’s promise through Jesus—life and everlasting love.” Submitted by Mary Presciutti. We continue to celebrate the Christmas season and wish you a happy new year.

Nativity Scene

December 27, 2013

Francine Worthington shared this crèche with us. Share a photo of your Christmas.


December 26, 2013

“Seeing God in the school nativity play.” Submitted by Richard Milligan.

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