September 23, 2016

“On a beautiful walk with my husband and eldest daughter.” Submitted by Holly Walton.


January 22, 2015

“In trying, and failing and trying again, to remember that I am bound to bear wrongs patiently.” Submitted by Lisa Wood.


October 24, 2014

“Walking in the woodland.” Submitted by Deirdre McGuirk.

Autumn in Belgium

October 10, 2014

“Une petite promenade à la Soigne. Belgium. “Last picture: the tree of Mary. I was fascinated to see the feet of this tree full of flowers and plants, and when I looked up, I saw […]


June 30, 2014

“In the forest at Rydboholm Castle just north of Stockholm.” Submitted by Per-Arne Jonsson. Starting tomorrow, join in 31 Days with St. Ignatius, a month-long celebration of Ignatian spirituality.

California Woods

May 3, 2013

“God is here—at a family oasis in California.” Submitted by Patti Bannan Pascale.

Walking in the Forest

November 22, 2011

“Their silence is sufficient praise.” —Terence Submitted by Josep BudiSantoso. Where do you find God indoors? Send us a photo for possible inclusion on Picturing God.

Path Through Woods

September 27, 2011

“I follow your path, Lord—even around unseen turns.” Submitted by Rudy Siegel. You might also like: Direction The Life of Pilgrimage Where Is It You Don’t Want to Go?