Rose of Sharon

August 26, 2015

in Nature,Places

“I found God this morning in a lovely Rose of Sharon bush in bloom in the cobblestone streets of the picturesque town of Viviers, France.” Submitted by Carol Stovall.


“Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Rue du Bac, Paris. That also concludes my five-week pilgrimage journey in Italy-France and my first experience as a volunteer in Lourdes.” Submitted by Michael Widjaja.


Incense in Lourdes

November 4, 2013

in Places,Religious

“I saw God’s presence very strongly in the incense cloud that hovered over the altar in Lourdes, France, during the afternoon adoration of the Eucharist. It just floated there and didn’t move, like God was acknowledging our presence and prayers.” Submitted by John Portelli.

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“Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière in Lyon, France, seen while on pilgrimage.” Submitted by Leigh Hartley. Have you been on a particularly meaningful trip? Send us a photo and brief description for possible inclusion on Picturing God.


“Sunrise over the Shrine of Our Lady of Rocamadour in France.” “Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the crypt of St. Amadour at the Shrine of Our Lady of Rocamadour.” “Angel reflection in the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna of Rocamadour in France, seen while on pilgrimage.” Submitted by Leigh Hartley. You might also like: […]


“Mary against the dark night sky in Lourdes, France, while on pilgrimage.” Submitted by Leigh Hartley. You might also like: Five Things the Spiritual Exercises Taught Me about Mary The Joyful Mary and St. Ignatius Fears and Dreams


Easter Alcove

April 11, 2013

in Religious

“Resurrection: Found in an alcove in a church in France. The white dots are reflections of the sun on the dust in the air.” Submitted by Rosemary. Happy Easter! As we continue to celebrate the season, you may be interested in these articles. The Resurrection Brings Joy Easter That’s More Than a Day


Paris Market

April 9, 2013

in Places,Urban

Market on Rue Cler, Paris Submitted by Kim Powell.


Stone Cross

February 13, 2013

in Places,Religious

“This photo of a cross was taken nearing Nasbinals, partway across the Aubrac Plateau in France, along el Camino de Santiago de Compostela. There were many crosses in the landscape in this part of France, and the stones at the base of this one would have been placed by pilgrims walking past. This area is at […]


Mountain in France

December 13, 2012

in Nature

“Mountain in South France near the Monastère Notre-Dame de Ganagobie.” Submitted by Ulla Weishaupt.