Walk in Matera

March 4, 2016

“Here in Matera where the most beautiful film on Jesus Christ was shot by Pasolini in 1964.” Submitted by Vincent Geenen.

Italian Scene

January 2, 2015

“Barga, Italia.” Submitted by Cari Oleskewicz.

Cross in Storm

November 12, 2014

“The cross in the storm picture was taken on pilgrimage to Italy, at the church where St. Francis received his stigmata, in La Verna, Italy.” Submitted by Julett Broadnax.

San Damiano, Assisi

October 3, 2014

“Outside of San Damiano, Assisi, Italy…worth sharing how amazing our God is!” Submitted by Marlene Alvarez.

Assisi Bell and Sky

October 4, 2012

“This photo was taken in Assisi during a dream trip to Italy in 2007. There were storm clouds overhead, and we had just attended the October feast day celebration at the basilica. The sky often […]

Assisi Countryside

October 4, 2011

Countryside scene in Assisi, Italy, home to St. Francis. Submitted by Denise.


September 20, 2011

Bridge over canal in Padua, Italy. Submitted by Paul Brian Campbell, SJ. Join Paul at his blog, People for Others.

Christ on St. Peter’s Basilica

September 16, 2011

“Christ on St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome—living water.” Submitted by Theo Bouten. This weekend we celebrate Catechetical Sunday. Thank you to all catechists for your ministry.

Sunset Behind St. Peter’s in Rome

May 27, 2011

“I was typing on my keyboard, and at some point I was struck by the orange light inside my room. I looked at the sky, and I saw the sun was going down just behind […]

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