Man Smiling

October 8, 2015

in People

“In my dad’s face at his birthday party.” Submitted by Maura Gualtiere.


Nursing Facility

July 30, 2015

in People

“Finding God at Mary Crest Manor Skilled Nursing Facility.” Submitted by Dzao Vu. Celebrate the feast of St. Ignatius Loyola this week with Find Your Inner Iggy.


On the Mountaintop

January 29, 2015

in People,Places

“I found God at the top of the Merbabu Mountain. It is reflecting to me that my life is so beautiful, just like I see at this place.” Submitted by Antonius Septian Marhenanto.


House Sparrow

January 8, 2015

in Animals,People

“I find the Lord in my prayers, and have discovered Examen prayer as a blessing. When I am watching God’s creatures in my yard, and can harmonize with this old house sparrow, I give thanks to the Lord and am lifted in my spiritual outlook at the wonders God has made. I wish peace among […]

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Cross in Storm

November 12, 2014

in Places

“The cross in the storm picture was taken on pilgrimage to Italy, at the church where St. Francis received his stigmata, in La Verna, Italy.” Submitted by Julett Broadnax.



July 18, 2014

in People

“I see God in the hopes and dreams and in the wonder and awe of my children and in trusting that God is in control.” Submitted by Patti Scanlon.


“I saw God in the very special relationship of a grandfather and granddaughter. The connection between all the generations is woven by God to hold us together and hold us up. It is wondrous to watch, to witness, and to testify to.” Submitted by JoAnn Kraeutler Henry. Where did you find God this morning? Send […]

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January 30, 2014

in Nature,People

“I feel exhilarated out in the desert with my brother. We are not alone; we see God all around us.” Submitted by Hythem Al-Mulla.


Bike Ride

October 17, 2013

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“I love finding God on my rides. Whether it’s through a city pulsating with people running about their lives or through the country where nature is my path, in any case, God is always my guide. This picture I took on a ride this fall through Ohio, the beautiful Midwest. Nothing compares to the Midwest […]



September 24, 2013

in People

“I found God through the newly ordained priest in our diocese. Thanks be to God who continues to call young men and women in his vineyard. Let us give him a positive response.” Submitted by Denise Souci.