Night Sky

April 14, 2016

“Praise to the almighty artist! This stunning night view captured through a window of a friend’s house after returning from a day retreat.” Submitted by Anita Wong.


August 22, 2012

“God is in all things. Not only the river (St. John River, FL), but also the marvel of engineering in the bridge as well.” Submitted by Joseph Dao.

National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

June 25, 2012

“View of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (Washington, D.C.) just after sunset. Man’s creativity inspired by the Divine.” Submitted by Joseph Dao. Join the active Ignatian Spirituality community on Facebook.


May 24, 2012

“I found God in the beauty of the moon in perigee. I took the photo May 5, 2012, and I felt astonished with the creations of our Lord!” Submitted by Sandra Romero.

Trees and Moon

December 13, 2011

“Trees and moon, bless the Lord.” Submitted by Terrell Solana. Sign up for E-Magis, the free monthly Ignatian e-newsletter.

Night Sky

December 30, 2010

“Last night I found God in the night sky.” Submitted by Heidi. Where do you find God indoors? Send us a photo for possible inclusion on Picturing God.