Palm and Frog

April 10, 2017

“I am thankful for God’s presence in so many ways this weekend, especially through the celebration of Palm Sunday, setting the stage for the journey of Holy Week into Easter and beyond. I’d like to […]

Palm Cross

March 30, 2015

“This is a double exposure of a palm cross I made from today’s Palm Sunday Mass.” Submitted by Justin Casalandra‎.

New Life at the Cemetery

September 9, 2014

“I walked by a cemetery that I pass on my evening strolls and noticed a small Cycas palm inside with fresh new leaves unfurling. The curls looked like a playful flourish the Father left behind […]

Palm Cross

April 14, 2014

“I see God in the traditions of our Holy Catholic Church and when experiencing Holy Week.” Submitted by Justin Casalandra.


April 11, 2014

“One happens on this crucifix as a surprise. It is ’round a bend at the end of the Memorial Walk at St. Pius X Parish in Tucson, AZ. It is larger than life-size and is […]