Ignatian Way

September 12, 2016

“As a pilgrim on the Ignatian Walk, Spain, July, 2016.” Submitted by Deolinda Rasteiro.

Cross in Storm

November 12, 2014

“The cross in the storm picture was taken on pilgrimage to Italy, at the church where St. Francis received his stigmata, in La Verna, Italy.” Submitted by Julett Broadnax.

Rocamadour, France

May 23, 2013

“Sunrise over the Shrine of Our Lady of Rocamadour in France.” “Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the crypt of St. Amadour at the Shrine of Our Lady of Rocamadour.” “Angel reflection in the Sanctuary […]

Our Lady of Lourdes

May 1, 2013

“Mary against the dark night sky in Lourdes, France, while on pilgrimage.” Submitted by Leigh Hartley. You might also like: Five Things the Spiritual Exercises Taught Me about Mary The Joyful Mary and St. Ignatius […]

St. Ignatius Conversion Room

September 25, 2012

“The room of St. Ignatius’s conversion at Loyola. I was blessed to participate in a liturgy there in 2008 while on pilgrimage. One week later I broke my leg while chaperoning a high school service […]


May 2, 2012

“When we were on pilgrimage in the monastic city of St. Kevin in Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland, and I reached exactly the middle of the valley, I felt that I was completely small in the […]

Montserrat in the Fog

April 26, 2012

“In May 2010, a group of us made a pilgrimage to Spain, following in the footsteps of St. Ignatius. We spent two nights in Montserrat, in a little hotel next to the monastery where Ignatius […]

El Camino de Santiago de Compostela

March 29, 2011

“In 2008 I walked in France and Spain along the Camino route to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain, and this photo shows two friends from Quebec walking on the Meseta. There was time to […]