Easter Lily Growth

April 10, 2012

“What looks like two different plants is actually one Easter lily planted in the ground. One part of the plant is dying in order for the plant to grow into a newness of life. Giving […]

Flowering Bush

February 20, 2012

“I walked alone in the wood, and then I saw this bush. God, are You in there?” Submitted by Josep BudiSantoso. Lent begins this week, bringing new opportunities for silence and reflection. Where will you […]

Heart Petal

January 31, 2012

“All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action.” —James Russell Lowell From the 2012 Ignatian Inspiration Calendar

Bee on Plant

December 29, 2011

“Spreading God’s Beauty” Submitted by Angela Pope. Share your holiday photos for possible future use on Picturing God.

Plants Blowing in the Wind

November 18, 2011

“We cultivate a very small field for Christ, but we love it, knowing that God does not require great achievements but a heart that holds nothing back for self.” —St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Do you […]

Small Flower Grows

October 10, 2011

A flower grows, “so small, in a place where it was not meant to grow, but yet managed to and did it beautifully.” Submitted by Umurungi Yvonne. Join the active Ignatian Spirituality community on Facebook.

Green Plant

August 9, 2011

“I feel the love of Christ to creation in this picture.” Submitted by Philip June. Share your photo of where you find the faces and traces of the divine. Find out how.

Angel Wings

July 21, 2011

“Angel wings.” Submitted by Suzanne Ecklund. Subscribe to Picturing God via e-mail or RSS to be inspired daily by the images others submit.

Water Drops on Leaf

July 12, 2011

“Water of life, cleansing, refreshing, and making all things new… This was taken after 24 hours of rain, after it had finally stopped. When I ventured into the garden everything had come alive—the colors, scents, […]

Garden with Purple Flowers

June 13, 2011

“A lot of love goes into gardens. Thank you for the chance to share in your creation.” Submitted by Fran Deasy. Join the active Ignatian Spirituality community on Facebook.

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