Still Beach Scene

January 11, 2011

“This captured a stillness of creation. A beach which contains statues, (just visible), who all appear to contemplate God.” Submitted by Geoff Adams. Where do you see God in the stillness? Show us! Or leave […]

Foggy Morning

January 4, 2011

“In a way, the foggy morning presented God to me shrouded in the mystery of creation and, while not always obvious, God is present even in the mists and unclarity of life, moving behind the […]


December 29, 2010

“I feel speechless at such amazing beauty. I know beauty is created out of love, and I cannot begin to imagine how much God loves us to create such uncomprehending beauty.” Submitted by Joyce.

Little Boy in the Morning

December 28, 2010

“In this picture, somehow I see God in this little boy, one fine morning in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Sept., 2010.” Submitted by Connie. Subscribe to Picturing God via e-mail or RSS to be inspired daily […]

Waves at the Beach

November 16, 2010

“Whenever I am at the beach, I feel so close and connected to the Divine. I am from Goa, and I go to the beach at the drop of a hat. I feel soothed with […]


November 12, 2010

“Prayer is a conscious relationship with God. Just as we spend time with friends because we love them and care for them, we spend time in prayer because we love God and want to be […]

Gentle Ripples

October 25, 2010

“I sense God in the gentle ripples.” Submitted by Jade Zirino. This photo was taken at Borderland State Park in Sharon, MA.

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