Dip in Sea

July 14, 2016

“It’s not often I take a dip in the sea. Being on the south coast of England, the English Channel, even in summer, isn’t exactly warm! But on Saturday I felt brave enough to step […]

Sun over Water

June 29, 2016

“God was in my weekend dive experience, where I felt the liberation from my fears and the gift of being accompanied towards this breakthrough.” Submitted by Cecille Paña.

Seaside on Pentecost

May 13, 2016

“Celebrating Pentecost at church certainly made me think of fire, but contrasted to that was the cool seaside walk I took with my husband and a couple of friends this afternoon. In both cases I […]

Sea and Palm Tree

April 1, 2016

“I found my God in the blue sea and in His beautiful creation, His marvelous gift to me.” Submitted by Dee Lu.


March 31, 2016

“This is just a rough sketch of how beautiful our God is. Breathtaking.” Submitted by Adri Jaramillo.

Marina County Park

November 25, 2015

“Alviso Marina County Park, CA.” Submitted by Paul Daly. Plan for Advent with resources from Loyola Press.

Sun and Water

October 30, 2015

“Nature’s precise movements and the absolute certainty that it happens tells me God is in His heaven; all’s right with the world.” Submitted by Edith Garde.


October 1, 2015

“Kayaking….felt God’s embrace, such relaxation, through the beauty of His created world.” Submitted by Nancy Wier.


August 4, 2015

“I find God in all of the little surprises in creation: the wonderful patterns in the water, the flitting of a butterfly or hummingbird, the drops of rain on the leaves after a rain.” Submitted […]

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