Window Cross

May 6, 2016

“I posted this photo on my Facebook page on Easter Sunday 2016 on my way to church with this caption: ‘The beauty in this world is from the Risen Lord.’ This is a window in […]

Window Cross

April 13, 2016

“Windows, reflections—everywhere.” Submitted by Laura Waters.

Stained Glass Window

June 3, 2015

“We are on holiday in Orkney, Scotland, and received a most warm welcome from the congregation at St. Mary’s Stromness. Here is one of their lovely windows.” Submitted by Laurene MacKenzie. Where have you found […]

Stained Glass Window

December 30, 2014

“After suffering at the tongue of another, I had to leave the premises in some anger and upset, but something caught my eye: the glimmer of sunlight traveling through the church and illuminating the stained […]

Stained Glass Window

July 7, 2014

“In church this morning, watching the light streaming through our beautiful window and singing, ‘You are all I need; it’s your face I seek. In the presence of your light, we bow down.’” Submitted by […]

Mary in Stained Glass

June 13, 2014

“This stained glass image of Mary, above the main altar of our church, graces my prayer each morning. Mary, Star of the Sea, pray for us.” Submitted by Brenda Callahan.

Through the Window

August 12, 2013

“In today’s Examen, I saw myself just inside a cell, watching a horizon in which the face of God is calling me to come out from where I stood hiding. Then, if only to savor […]

Stained Glass Window

July 3, 2013

“Stained glass window at the chapel of the Peruvian Bishops Conference, Lima, Peru. Very important for me, as a Jesuit school student.” Submitted by Armando R. Venegas Atencio. In honor of St. Ignatius’s feast day […]

Mary Window

May 14, 2013

“Look what I found! To accompany Reemberto Rodriguez’s photo of the spires at St. Mary, Star of the Sea (Key West). Christmas, 2008.” Submitted by Robin Craig. You might also like: Five Things the Spiritual […]

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