Young Boy

December 5, 2016

“In the smile of my grandson.” Submitted by Joe Hardenbrook.

Snow Angel

December 11, 2014

“Angels are closer than we think!” Submitted by Richard Milligan.

Water Skiing

August 6, 2014

“In watching our almost seven-year-old water ski! Weather was perfect and so much fun!” Submitted by Molly O’Gorman Billings. Where are you finding God this summer? Send us a photo for possible inclusion on Picturing […]

Giving Flowers to Mom

May 9, 2014

“My five-year-old son, Solomon, called out ‘Mama’ in a voice filled with so much love and devotion as he gave me a flower. I looked into his eyes as I thanked him, and I saw […]

Little Boy

February 27, 2014

“Found this little fellow on the steps of the church one Sunday morning crying. The first thing that came to mind was ‘The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor.’ After Mass he was picking […]


December 26, 2013

“Seeing God in the school nativity play.” Submitted by Richard Milligan.

Gift of Cheesecake

December 20, 2012

“The finished chocolate and vanilla cheesecake that my son and I made for the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur.” Submitted by Richard Milligan. Have you made any homemade gifts this season? Tell us about […]

Take My Hand

September 28, 2012

“I took this picture at Lake Erie as I walked the beach with my two-year-old son. This instantly has become one of my favorite images. I can read so much into this picture. It makes […]


February 28, 2012

“Full trust…peace…knowing we are held secure in love.” Photo taken by Conor (my son) of his own son. Submitted by Dorothy, who blogs at Gathering the Fragments. Join the active Ignatian Spirituality community on Facebook.

Little Boy in the Morning

December 28, 2010

“In this picture, somehow I see God in this little boy, one fine morning in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Sept., 2010.” Submitted by Connie. Subscribe to Picturing God via e-mail or RSS to be inspired daily […]